We have a number of marketing options available to help you promote sales on your BSI Merch powered webstore, from social media interaction, direct marketing and point of sale based tools.

  1. Facebook Stores
  2. YouTube Integration
  3. Data & Analytics


Use the links below to find out more about our online Marketing solutions. Each section also contains examples of artwork we have used in our past promotions.

Focus on one area, or utilise them all to help drive consumer engagement and sales for your brand.

  1. Discount Codes
  2. Free Product Offers
  3. Free Shipping Offers
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Multi-channel Sales Points


BSI Merch are a YouTube Accredited Retailer. The new Merchandise YouTube Card gives YouTube content creators the ability to add an image, a link to a URL, and a good call to action to their YouTube videos to encourage users to visit their BSI Merch powered online store.

Unlike YouTube Annotations, Cards work on all mobile platforms and are the most effective way of getting your viewers to your webstore and driving sales from your videos.

How to Create Merchandise Cards

Creating the Cards couldn't be easier. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Sign into to your YouTube Video Manager, and click on 'Edit' for the video you want to add a card to.
  • Click on the 'Cards' button in the top navigation bar, click 'Add Card'.
  • Click on 'Add Card' again to open up the creation window for the Card type you want to add.
  • Enter a valid URL applicable to that Card type.
  • Upload an image (or pick one from the suggestions offered). Edit and optimize the title and call-to- action text.
  • Click 'Create Card' and adjust the start time for the teaser if required.

YouTube states that creators can add up to 5 cards to one video. The Cards can be edited at any time just by clicking on the ‘edit’ icon next to the card in question under the Cards tab. Cards can also be cancelled at any time.

Merchandise Card Optimization Tips:

  • Always use a YouTube approved retailer such as BSI Merch
  • Use the best available image of your merchandise item possible on your Card - think of it as a custom thumbnail that is going to entice viewers to click on.
  • Use a strong call to action eg. 'Get the T-Shirt Here'
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