We have a number of marketing options available to help you promote sales on your BSI Merch powered webstore, from social media interaction, direct marketing and point of sale based tools.

  1. Facebook Stores
  2. YouTube Integration
  3. Data & Analytics


Use the links below to find out more about our online Marketing solutions. Each section also contains examples of artwork we have used in our past promotions.

Focus on one area, or utilise them all to help drive consumer engagement and sales for your brand.

  1. Discount Codes
  2. Free Product Offers
  3. Free Shipping Offers
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Multi-channel Sales Points


One way to increase your basket value is to offer a free product when a customer spends above a specified threshold, with separate price points in different currencies. For example, a low value product such as a sticker set could be used to entice customers to add further items to reach a £25 threshold, with a higher value product such as a cap to encourage customers to increase that basket further still to £50.